'Chocolate is health food for the soul'... but only if it's good chocolate.

 Lake Hayes Chocolate believes in authenticity, stepping lightly on this planet, treating people fairly, sustainability, the joy of life, seeking out a gift that is going to be received with pure pleasure and of course, fine quality chocolate! Read on to find out how we know our chocolate is some of the finest. 

Single-origin cocoa from Sao Tome
Every product that comes out of our kitchen has its beginnings in the premium single-origin cocoa from Sao Tome. The producers 'Kaoka' have been recognised as specialists in exceptionally high-quality, aromatic organic chocolate for over 20 years. 

Of equal importance, they are committed to a close partnership with cocoa growers and a strategy of sustainable development. They pay higher than market price for the cocoa, giving farmers value for their work. Read more about Sao Tome here.

Sao Tome is where our chocolate story begins before it continues to the Lake Hayes Chocolate kitchen in Queenstown, New Zealand.